Colombia, El Paraiso / Light Roast

Colombia, El Paraiso / Light Roast

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Tasting Notes: caramel green apple, lemongrass, browned butter

Origin: Gigante, Huila

Producer: Ernedis Rodriguez

Altitude: 1840 masl

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Harvest: winter 2018/2019

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This coffee comes to us from our exporting partners in Colombia, Coffee Quest. They have been working with Ernedis for 3 years. Stephen tells me that Ernedis is easily one of the hardest-working farmers he knows, "juicioso" as they say in Spanish! The consistency of his coffees, year after year, is a true reflection of that hard-work. The farm consists of a total of 14 hectares, of which 7 are part of a natural reserve. The other 7 hectares currently produce coffee, 70% of which are of the Caturra variety and 30% Castillo. All of his specialty lots are 100% Caturra and the Castillo lots are processed and sold separately to help finance the daily operations of the farm. In order to keep the quality consistent, only the ripest cherries are picked and once they arrive to the wet-mill, they are floated to remove any potential underripe, overripe or poorly formed beans that were picked. After floating, the coffee is fermented in cherry for 24 hours, de-pulped and then dry-fermented an additional 36 hours. After washing, the coffee is dried in a parabolic dryer (see photo), anywhere from 18-25 days, depending on the climate. In the coming years, he hopes to replace the majority of his Castillo with other high-quality varieties and in 1-2 years, he hopes to see the first harvests of Typica, Java, Caturra Chiroso and Bourbon Sidra.