We always loved roasting coffee for ourselves. Our love of roasting coffee began in our backyard with our weber grill. The idea of selling our own roasts didn't occur to us until we noticed our local farmers’ market had none to offer. When we saw the need was the same in other markets, we were compelled to bridge the gap. Within a year, we found ourselves in the middle of a flourishing coffee roasting business, complete with professional roasters and a new commercial space.



The company name came about because all the work was initially done in our backyard. The logo is also significant because the initials of Laura L. Adams and Matt Adams spell “L.L.A.M.A.”

Our name and logo together reflect the hard work and dedication that goes into creating superior coffee. In many ways, Backyard Beans is a labor of love.



We only purchase superior, responsibly sourced coffee beans. Working with an importer to source sustainably grown coffee from around the world is something in which we take great pride. Great coffee begins at the heart, with hard-working farmers and co-ops. By sourcing, we’re doing our part to secure a sustainable future.

You can find Backyard Beans at local farmers’ markets and nearly 100 retail/restaurant locations. We are thankful for the businesses and individuals who love and serve Backyard Beans Coffee at their table. Always responsibly sourced and remarkably roasted.