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Choose from one of the three coffee subscriptions: select to have our signature roast, Punch in The Face, or if you like trying new coffees, our Single Origin or Roaster’s Choice box will be a great fit for you. We promise that you will never worry about running out of beans again! Choose 2lbs (perfect for 1-2 coffee drinkers in your household),
3lbs, OR 4lbs of coffee to be delivered to your house monthly!
All of our coffee subscriptions come in whole bean. Billed monthly and shipped on the first Monday of the month.

Need tips on grinding and brewing? Check out our brew guide for additional resources.


Punch in the Face

Punch in the Face is a dark roast with a nice bold start and a surprisingly smooth finish. No burnt beans here, just a nice thick and rich coffee. 

Take a sip and you'll find slightly smoky notes with chocolate undertones. It pairs great with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert so you really can't go wrong.


Single Origin

Receive new single origin coffees fresh each month. That is 24 unique coffees over the course of the year for you to try! Depending on production schedules, you may receive exclusive roasts only available to subscribers. 

We source our coffee based on the harvest cycle so that our coffee is as fresh as possible. We roast these on the lighter side to highlight the unique flavors inherent to the origin.

Roaster’s Choice

For your favorite blends and seasonal coffees, this option lets you try new coffees throughout the year while also giving you some of the staples you love.

This is a great option if you like to explore the nuances of light roast single origin coffees but you also like to have a solid medium roast blend to throw in the automatic drip pot when you don’t have the time for a meticulous pour over.



What’s in the Box: Monthly News