What's in the Box: Gakenke and Segundo Rupay

Spring is upon us! Here in Lansdale, PA we have been welcoming the sunshine and warmer temps lately. As I write this it is a gorgeous sunny day outside. Our roaster’s choice subscribers are receiving our Spring Blend (Yard Sale) this month while our Single Origin subscribers are receiving 2 unique offerings: a Burundi from the Gakenke washing station, and a Peru micro-lot from producer Segundo Rupay Guevara.

These 2 offerings are very different in terms of flavor profile from one another. The Segundo Rupay has more body, it’s creamy, very rich and decadent with notes of vanilla, oak, red apple and root beer. The Burundi Gakenke is bursting with citrus, florals, and berries - it is delicate and tea like and it reminds us of lemon-lime soda, hibiscus, and mulberry.

This coffee from Segundo Rupay Guevara comes to us by way of our importing partner Royal Coffee NY. Segundo Rupay delivers his parchment (dry coffee) to Sol y Cafe which is an organic and fair trade certified mill. This lot has been separated out from the larger Sol y Cafe blended lot because of the quality that Segundo delivered. Segundo was paid fair trade and organic premiums for this coffee, as well as a premium on top of that for achieving micro-lot status with a higher cup score evaluated by the team at Sol y Cafe. A unique processing method was employed for this coffee, Segundo placed the fresh picked coffee cherry in sealed bags for 2 days prior to depulping, washing and drying. This added step we think added complexity, apple sweetness, and a vanilla creaminess to this coffee. Segundo’s farm is about 3 hectares in size and he has planted his farm under an agroforestry scheme that emphasizes biodiversity and shade.

We purchased our washed Burundi Gakenke from our importing partner Keffa Coffee, and Keffa works with Greenco in Burundi to source the best coffees from this small east African country. Greenco is an exporter who also manages 13 washing stations around Kayanza and Ngozi. Burundi is one of the world’s poorest countries and the farmers rely on the money they make from coffee to survive. Greenco’s mission is to help produce higher quality coffee and make it easier for farmers to get paid for their hard work. One way they are doing this is by setting up more buying outposts around their mills so that farmers don’t have to sell to a middle man, oftentimes at a disadvantage. These collection centers help to reach producers that are up to 9 kilometers from the Gakenke mill. Greenco is doing a lot of good work, to find out more check them out here http://greencoburundi.com/what-we-do

One of the things we are always striving for is to be serving fresh coffees, we don’t want to serve coffees that have lost their vibrant flavors. The majority of coffees around the world are harvested around November - March and this makes the Spring/Summer a very busy season for incoming coffees (Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica to name a few). Peru and Burundi are harvested in the summer so these coffees made their way to the States this past winter. Right now is the perfect time to be enjoying these coffees!