What's in the box: Shantawene and Divino Niño

Fall is here and we still have some tasty coffees for you! This time of year we are waiting for some of the Southern Hemisphere coffees to arrive as the harvest is all wrapped up there - Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Burundi and Rwanda. Our coffees coming from the Northern Hemisphere are gearing up to start harvesting in a few months - Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ethiopia. These northern hemisphere coffees are what we currently have on our menu, they were harvested last winter for the most part.

You may have noticed Colombia was on both lists, we source coffees from Colombia year round! Colombia is unique in that many farms harvest twice a year, this happens because of their close proximity to the equator. Even though there are 2 harvests, usually one of the harvests is very small. This Colombia we are sending out this month is the last offering we purchased from last winter’s harvest. Divino Niño is made up of a small group of growers, only 25-30. This lot we are offering represents their highest scoring coffees that were not separated out as individual micro-lots. This group style micro-lot offers a lot of nice complexity - this is a subscriber exclusive offering. 

Next up is our new release Ethiopia offering that will be around for a few months. Shantawene comes from Uraga in the Guji zone. Shantawene is a smaller wet mill producing some really extraordinary coffee. This washed coffee tastes like pink lemonade, peach and jasmine. The great thing about these Ethiopia coffees is they stay tasting fresh for quite a while after they landed here in the States - we will be enjoying Ethiopian coffees through the winter with one more release left to go!