What's in the box: Colombia El Roblar and Guatemala La Union

It’s July and summer is in full swing! For our single origin subscribers this month they are receiving a Guatemala and a Colombia coffee. First up, let’s talk about Finca El Roblar from Colombia (pictured in the link).

German Peña.JPG

Tasting Notes: blood orange, pomegranate, dark chocolate, brown sugar
Producer: German Peña
Region: Suaza, Huila
Altitude: 1830 masl
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed
Harvest: winter 2018/2019

Our export partner in Colombia, Coffee Quest, has been buying German Peña’s top scoring lots for 3 years. German meticulously separates his lots and receives premium prices for his Caturra variety lots, which only make up a portion of his total harvest. This is common as it is very difficult to produce only top scoring coffees. The farm consists of 4 hectares in coffee, producing around 9,750 lbs green a year, we bought 300 lbs of the Caturra. After the coffee is picked this is how German processes it: fermented in cherry for 12 hours, de-pulped and fermented for another 20-24, washed and then dried on raised African beds in a parabolic dryer for 20-30 days. The cup quality is a clear reflection of the efforts that German puts into producing his coffees and he has already indicated his interest in fermentation experiments to see about improving cup quality in not only his Caturra, but also the other varieties he grows. At the time of this purchase, German Peña was paid an 85% price premium compared to the local price for coffee. See the photos below of German’s tiled fermentation tanks, as well as his raised drying beds under the canopy of the parabolic dryer.

Finca El Roblar 6.jpg
Finca El Roblar 2.JPG

Next up, Finca La Union from Acetanango, Guatemala.

Otto at his drying beds

Otto at his drying beds

Tasting Notes: tangerine, hazelnut, caramel
Producer: Otto and Mayra Higueros
Origin: Acatenango, Guatemala
Altitude: 1600+ masl
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai
Process: Washed

Bobby and Ryan from his visit to us in May

Bobby and Ryan from his visit to us in May

This is a coffee that comes to us via our friend Ryan Chipman who founded Yepocapa coffee importers. Ryan started off teaching English at a school in the area of Yepocapa, Guatemala right after college. He soon realized that the majority of his student’s families were making a living off of coffee but the prices they were being paid wasn’t sustainable. The morale of the farmers was low as there was no incentive for quality. Four years ago, in 2016, Ryan imported his first coffees from this small area. He has been working with the farmers ever since to give incentives for quality and link roasters to the farmers. Quality has been steadily increasing and the excitement is spreading as farmers see that their work matters to roasters like us.

Finca La Union is located in Acatenango, 2 miles from Yepocapa. Yepocapa is a very wet area, and Acatenango is known for being too dry, but Finca La Union has a fresh spring and a water fall so water isn’t an issue there. Mayra manages the wet mill where all the coffee is soaked, fermented, and washed before drying. Otto owns the farm and he really understands that coffee isn’t just a business, but it’s a tool to build something beautiful. He talks a lot about sowing seeds of love into those around him in how he treats them, provides for them, and interacts with them. His community is integrally woven into the vision and success of Finca La Union. This is the first year Ryan from Yepocapa has imported Mayra and Otto’s coffee and we couldn’t be happier to share this coffee with you!

recogido de cafe.jpg
Mayra with her dog!

Mayra with her dog!

cafe en maduracion optima.jpg