2018 Single Origin Coffees in Review

Coffee Subscription Favorites from 2018

Back in February of 2018 we launched a new subscription service to provide our customers with fresh coffee delivered every month. Once you sign up, you will always have fresh coffee at your door each month unless you cancel your subscription. No big upfront cost, just a monthly billing cycle to make things easy. We promised our Single Origin subscribers no repeat coffees for the course of the year. We have had so much fun sourcing and roasting these gems! In review, here are the coffees our subscribers received this past year.

Feb. 2018 Colombia Marisol Urbano / El Salvador Nogales

March 2018 Colombia Aponte Honey / Honduras Pedro Sagastume

April 2018 Ecuador El Tundo / Peru La Flor del Zapote

May 2018 Colombia El Mirador / Ethiopia Limu Gera

June 2018 Peru Colorada / Guatemala Guaya'b

July 2018 Costa Rica San Cristobal / Ethiopia Gera Estate

Aug. 2018 Guatemala Quejina washed Caturra / Guatemala Capetillo Natural Pacamara

Sept. 2018 Ethiopia Natural Burka Gudina / Honduras Hubert Nicolas washed Pacamara

Oct. 2018 Kenya Karogoto / Colombia San Pascual natural

Nov. 2018 Guatemala Colina / Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Banko Dhadhato

Dec. 2018 Honduras Teodosa Moreno Pacas / Honduras Marco Tulio Parainema

Jan. 2019 Colombia El Triunfo / Ethiopia Shimekt Daba

That is 5 Ethiopia, 5 Colombia, 4 Guatemala, 4 Honduras, 2 Peru, 1 El Salvador, 1 Ecuador, 1 Costa Rica, and 1 Kenya. Some of these coffees we will be bringing back with the current harvest, while there will no doubt be some new offerings as well.

My favorite coffee was the Costa Rica San Cristobal. As much as I love washed Ethiopia coffees, this one stood out to me because it was so chuggable. It had a lactose like sweetness, it reminded me of the milk leftover after you finish a bowl of cereal, mmmmmmm!

Here were some of our favorites from the past year from the rest of our team members:

Matt, Owner: Colombia El Triunfo - We featured this coffee as espresso at our shop and it was by far my favorite espresso of the year. Without milk, this espresso was delicate with nice berry and grapefruit notes.

Laura, Owner: Colombia Aponte Honey! It was in our hopper at home when Chloe was born and kept us awake when not much else could.

Dan, Wholesale Manager: I’m with Laura on this one the Colombia Aponte Honey was great. The sharp berry and rhubarb notes in the beginning with a smooth sweet honey finish made a great morning cup. We also used this bean in our Spring blend the Nosey Neighbor which was one of my favorite labels to create this past year.

Paige, Production Assistant/Barista: Boy oh boy I don’t know if I’ll be able to pick my favorite. Of course I could drone on about my love for any washed Ethiopia’s but I’m going to try to expand my coffee horizons. The El Salvador Nogales (if I remember correctly) made my eyes go wide at first sip. It had aromas and richness of syrup and buttery pancakes. Wow. The Kenya Karogoto (with the help and push of Sawyer) changed my views on Kenyan coffees. The Ethiopia Shimekt Daba (allow though a natural) was my favorite to grind when it was featured on our Pour Over menu. It smelled like a big bowl of fruit.

Cameron, Barista Trainer: The Colombia San Pascual Natural on pourover, Hondura Teodosa Moreno Pacas on espresso. The Colombia Pascual was like a dark chocolate dipped strawberry, it always stood out on the cupping table. The Honduras Pacas was so sweet with a nice citrus note and caramelly finish, by far my favorite thing to drink this year. All of the coffees this year were killer though

Doug, Production Assistant/Delivery Driver: Ethiopia Burka Gudina is the sole coffee that changed my opinion on light roasts. I wait patiently for the day it returns. Should that day never come, at least I know Jesus loves me. And you too.

Sawyer, Production Roaster: It was a close race for my favorite this past year. My introduction to specialty coffee was through an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and those coffees will always hold a special place in my heart. Complex, packed with fruit, citrus, and florality, an excellent Ethiopian like the Banko Dhadhato is the quintessential light roast coffee. However, the Kenya Karogoto beat it out for my favorite subscription coffee this year! The Karagoto was bright, sparkling, with a rich, wine-like acidity and notes of blackberry and currant. It had none of the tomato or baking spice notes that can so often mar Kenyan coffees and it hit the spot for me every time, whether as a morning wake up call or a cozy afternoon drink. 10/10, would drink again. I wait patiently for the day it returns. Should that day never come, at least I know Doug loves me. And you too.