Chemex Coffee Guide Backyard Beans

Brew Guide: Chemex

Clean and striking. Form meets function beautifully in the Chemex. The Chemex delivers a rich, sweet, refined cup.

1.Get your water boiling first as you set everything else up. 

2.Weigh out 50g of coffee. A level tablespoon of coffee is close to 6g, so 8 tablespoons should be about right.

Chemex Coffee Guide Backyard Beans

3. Using a Chemex filter, place it in the chamber with the 3 folds against the spout. Rinse thoroughly with your hot water. Chemex filters need to be flushed with water to help minimize any papery taste the filter may impart to the brew.

4. Dump this water out while leaving the filter in place. 

Chemex Coffee Guide Backyard Beans

5. Grind your beans finer than you would for French Press and coarser than for drip.  

6. Place the Chemex on top of the scale and tare the scale’s weight so it reads “0”. Add your ground coffee to the filter to double check the weight. Tare the scale again. 

Chemex Coffee Guide Backyard Beans

7. After the water boils let it sit for 1-2 minutes before pouring, this will bring the temp down to where we want it, 195°F-205°F for brewing. 

8. Start a timer. Pour 100g of water slowly to wet all the grounds, don’t bypass the coffee by pouring down the sides of the filter. 

9. Pour 100g every 30 seconds until you reach 800g total. Your last pour should be at 3:30. 

Chemex Coffee Guide Backyard Beans

*If draw down takes much longer than 5mins try grinding coarser next time. If the grind size is uneven, with many large particles as well as a lot of “fines," this can also clog the brew.